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I love the way you’re trying to forget me.
It’s quite amusing really.
Watching you as you try to erase me
And everything we ever had.

Buddy, you have to realize that you cannot get rid of me so fast.

Someday you’ll hold another girl’s hand and find yourself comparing how her’s feels inside yours compared to mine. Are her fingers as gracefully long? Does her fist feel as small?

Then you’ll move on and kiss her, or maybe another, on a crumby friday evening.
You’ll find yourself comparing her lips with mine, as if we were meant to be one.

You’ll eventually forget it, and move on from the whole kissing thing.

But then one night you’ll quickly find yourself going further with a girl, and though your hormones will feel outrageously satisfied your mind will go completely wild because even though you try to ignore it, the girl wont be me and once you know it, you’ll remember those nights where we laid around in the darkness of my room only to later on fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Buddy, i’m telling you now. This girl wont speak the words i whispered at four AM when you couldnt close those green eyes of yours. She wont kiss your scars like I did when they burnt so much you couldnt stop touching them. Perhaps she wont even be able to recognize the pain scattered around your irises the same way I did. She wont draw the same houses and flowers on your bare back when you’re watching “The Shining” late at night.

She wont write the same poems, read the same books and listen to the same music. She wont laugh the same or hold you the same.

She might not even deal with the way you think, or how depress you really feel.

Buddy, this is a notice that you have indeed lost me.

And if you happen to see me in your dreams. Dont come for me, dont come for me.

I beg you to stay where you are, far away, with the billions of girls you touched yet ceased to love.

– Ten words story: My ex-boyfriend is looking for something in every girl he goes for and nobody knows what exactly, perhaps attention or the satisfaction of knowing he leaves scars on girl’s hearts. (via maisjetaime)

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